Amateur Radio Union of Serbia organizes special call signs for various events.

Call signs are used by licences operators, and this site shows operator activity plans.


Operator who wants to use special call, may check here which terms are free and reserve terms and bands for his activity. Activator may reserve one or several bands in the same time frame. Not reserved bands within the same time frame or other overlaping time frame may be reserved by other operators.

Activator is obligated to be active and make QSOs using this call within reserved time frame. Also, he must send QSO log to special call manager for archival and QSL purpose.

Activator is not allowed to use special call sign outside of term and band reserved for him.

Call Chasers

Operators who want to make QSO with special call may use special call Activity Plan to find out when it is the most probable time to make QSO.


Each Special Call has dedicated Manager. He administers special call reservations in Activity Plan, collects logs, organizes sending QSL and administers Call info on this site. Contact manager for any info regarding special call you are interested in.

by YT9TP